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5 HOME Plan

5 HOME Plan

So you've chosen your dream home. Now it's time to choose your home loan.

5 HOME Plan gives you the flexibility of choosing from a wide range of different home financing packages, depending on your financial needs.

To ensure a comfortable monthly installment amount, we offer a long loan tenure of up to 35 years.

Choose a financing package from below:

Home Plan
The package that allows you to plan and manage your finances better, with the financial flexibility of an overdraft facility.

HomeSave Package
The package links your housing loan to your current account whereby the credit balance in your current account will be used to reduce the housing loan balance outstanding for interest calculation, thus resulting in interest savings.

  • Great savings as interest rates are calculated on daily rest.
  • Credit cards with Exclusive Annual Fee Waiver for the entire loan tenure for eligible customers.
  • Option for Redraw Facility (for new Conventional Housing Loans with an approved amount of RM100,000 and above).

Terms & Conditions Apply.


Click here for Guide to Consumer on Reference Rate.

Click here for Products Disclosure Sheet.